There was a mail to the site 070225:

"Hello Lasse.
I'm enjoying your website and specially I like the tune that you recorded with the Corona Band "Old Fashioned Love". The tune is played faster than I'm used to. However, it swings like mad, and has a more Traddy/British like sound than all the others on the site. I have played this tune four or five times in a row and I can't get enough of it. Well Done!
Don't get me wrong, I like NO music more than most. In fact I'll be off to New Orleans this April again for the Quarter Fest.
Is this band still playing?
Joe van Rossem"

"Hello Joe!
Nice to hear that you like what we played back there in 1998. It was an outdoor gig on June 6, which happens to be the national day of Sweden, and we were playing on the pavement of Kungsportsavenyn, the main street of Gothenburg. The piano player was ill and the trombone player was somewhere else, so we were just a quintet that day. But less is sometimes more.
The band is still playing here in Gothenburg, but I left in 2002, and there has also been some other changes.
You are right, it swings like mad, and therefore I've searched and find the recordings of some of the other tunes we played that day, and have put them out here. Enjoy!

"Lasse It's Joe again,
Old Fashioned Love is a hit.!
You play with a wonderful tone and you play the tune with lots of punch and drive, setting up the cornet/trumpet so nicely. And I realy do like his style and ideas.
I can't hear much from the drums, maybe a roll hear and there.
However, banjo and bass are recorded well and play ever better.
The hole thing reminds my of a George Lewis recording from the 50th with some white musicians from California.
I do not often analyze our music, I normall just take for what it is.
Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
Regards, Joe van Rossem
(Silver Leaf Band in Toronto)"
Corona Jazz Band, June 6, 1998. Thomas Wallin, co, voc, Lasse Collin, cl, Bo Eriksson, bj, Hans Bergquist, b, Björn Frennberg, dr.
Old fashioned love 3:54 min. video
Lord, Lord, Lord 4:08 min. 3.4 MB
Darkness on the delta 3:49 min. 3.1 MB
Shine 4:39 min. 3.8 MB
Girl of my dreams 3:52 min. 3.2 MB
Just a closer walk with Thee 3:58 min. 3.2 MB
Down by the riverside 2:54 min. 2.4 MB
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