Rehearsal in bed 1993, maybe playing "Lazy bones".

Mp3-music played in "Lasse's band list".

Titel Band Date Notes
All of me First Jazz Band 1956(!)  
Kommunal sand Lasse "trubadur" 1963
Ugglan satt uti päronträ Lasse "trubadur" 1963  rec. 1979
Careless love Red Wine duo 1963
Ice cream
RedWine duo

Lullaby of the leaves Genell Karlsson Collin Trio 1963  
All of me Blues Marchers 1966  
Mr PC Blues Marchers 1966  
Bogalusa strut
Georgia Ramblers

Georgia Ramblers

Red hot blues
Georgia Ramblers

Cushion foot stomp
Georgia Ramblers 1967

Bill Bailey
Georgia Ramblers 1967

Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me
Georgia Ramblers 1967

Runnin' wild
Georgia Ramblers 1967

Darling Nellie Gray
Georgia Ramblers 1968

Darktown strutters ball
Georgia Ramblers 1968

Big butter and egg man
Georgia Ramblers 1968
Hiawatha rag
Georgia Ramblers 1968
Creole love call
Georgia Ramblers 1968
Georgia Ramblers 1968

Red hot blues
Georgia Ramblers 1968

Wolverine blues
Georgia Ramblers 1968

Weary blues
Georgia Ramblers 1968

The world is waiting for the sunrise
Georgia Ramblers 1968

African suite Floda Free Form 1973  
In the mood for love Swing low 1993
Meditation Swing low 1992
My little suede shoes Swing low 1992
I'm getting sentimental over you Swing low 1992
Monk's mood Swing Low/Swing High 1992 video
Scrapple from the apple Swing Low/Swing High 1992  
Lullaby of the leaves Swing Low/Swing High 1993  
Nuages Jazz Roots 1994  
Sheik of Araby Jazz Roots 1994  
Candy lips Jazz Roots 1994  
My little suede shoes Jazz Roots Quartet 1996  
You always hurt the one you love
Jazz Roots Quartet

Lonesome road
Jazz Roots

On the road to home sweet home
Jazz Roots Trio

Riverboat shuffle Jazz Roots Trio 1999  
Borneo Jazz Roots Trio 1999
Hesitating blues
Jazz Roots Trio

Canal street blues Jazz Roots 2001  
Darktown strutters ball Jazz Roots 2001  
Wild man blues Jazz Roots 2001  
Save it, pretty mama Jazz Roots 2001
Mean blues Jazz Roots 2001
Give me that old time religion Corona Jazz Band 1993  video
My bucket's got a hole in it Corona Jazz Band 1996  
Corona Jazz Band

I can't escape from you
Corona Jazz Band

Old fashioned love Corona Jazz Band 1998  video
I love you Linder/Collin duo 1997  
Aura Lee Red Wing Ragtime Band 1995  
Give it up Red Wing Ragtime Band 1995  
Blues my naughty sweetie gives to me Red Wing Ragtime Band 1996  
Indian love call Red Wing Ragtime Band 1998
Does Jesus care
Red Wing Ragtime Band

Red Wing Ragtime Band 1998

Heart of my heart Congo Square 2000  
The end of a perfect day Congo Square 2002  
Lovesong of long ago New Orleans United 2000  
Move the body over
New Orleans United

Cradle song New Orleans United 2001  
Laughing samba New Orleans United 2001  
Jealous New Orleans United 2001  
Jealous South Archipelago Stompers 2001  
June night South Archipelago Stompers 2001  
Ole miss
South Archipelago Stompers

St. Philip street breakdown 2002 video
Farewell blues 2003
When you're smiling 2003 video
C-jam blues 2004  
Undecided 2004  
Mighty wings Johnsson/Collin New Orleans duo 2001  
The same old love Salty Cats 2002  
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