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Creole Jazz Quartet
JAZZ PIRATES of the Southern Archipelago outside Gothenburg, Sweden, started in 2004. The musicians are Lasse Collin, clarinet, Mathias Gustavsson, banjo/guitar, Leif Melldahl, bass, and Felix Collin, drums.
   Our inspiration is the many great small bands playing New Orleans music in the early days, especially with a clarinet in the lead.
   The tunes we play come from the whole field of the New Orleans repertoire;
old goodies from back then, classic dixieland tunes, caribbean tunes, blues, ragtimes, marches, hymns and gospels. Most of all we like playing tunes in the Creole/Caribbean style and rhythm, to us representing the more genuine African roots of jazz music.
   Nice melodies, played in a simple, unpretentious way, always hot, always swinging. That's how we want it.
Welcome to enjoy our site and the music we put out here.


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