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Our sacred side.
"Jazz is the sound of God laughing."

Hymns, spirituals and gospels are common in
New Orleans jazz. Here you can listen to some of
the sacred tunes we have played recently.

If I can help somebody
3:13 min. 7.7 MB
O Lord, hear my prayer 4:12 min. video
Just as I am
2:33 min. video
Down by the riverside
3:35 min. video
Mighty wings
4:14 min. video
Jesus is mine
3:25 min. 8.2 MB
An evening prayer
4:06 min. video
Lead me, Saviour
4:15 min. video
In the upper garden
4:11 min. video
The old rugged cross
5:17 min. 12.7 MB
He'll understand and say well done
2:52 min. 6.9 MB
We shall walk through the streets of the city
3:51 min. 9.2 MB
It's me, o Lord
3:10 min. video
Go down, Moses
2:29 min. 6.0 MB
Only a look
2:49 min. 6.8 MB
In the sweet bye and bye
4:24 min. 12.4 MB
Precious Lord, take my hand
3:07 min. 7.5 MB
At the cross
4:05 min. 9.8 MB
In the upper garden
3:54 min. 9.4 MB
Roll, Jordan, roll
4:08 min. 9.9 MB
Go tell it on the mountain
2:56 min. 7.0 MB
If I can help somebody
3:25 min. 8.2 MB
Yes, Lord, I'm crippled
2:52 min. 6.9 MB
What a friend we have in Jesus
4:03 min. 9.8 MB
I'll fly away
4:02 min. 9.7 MB
Pharaoh's army
3:21 min. video
An evening prayer
3:58 min. 9.5 MB
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
2:56 min. video
My life will be sweeter someday
3:26 min. video
I am a pilgrim
2:36 min. 6.2 MB
Lead me, Saviour
4:01 min. 9.7 MB
Halle hallelujah
3:16 min. video
I shall not be moved
5:11 min. 12.4 MB
Lord, let me in the lifeboat
4:32 min. 10.9 MB
His eye is on the sparrow
3:17 min. 7.9 MB
Sweet fields
3:40 min. video
Oh Lord hear my prayer
2:52 min. 6.6 MB
When I move to the sky 4:30 min. 10.5 MB
Working for the Lord 4:58 min. 11.6 MB
Down by the riverside 3:48 min. 9.1 MB
Until then 3:47 min. 9.1 MB
In my heart there is a yearning 3:41 min. 8.9 MB
Will there be any stars in my crown 5:03 min. 11.6 MB
Higher ground 2:52 min. 4.8 MB
Do Lord 3:22 min. 6.5 MB
Mary wore a golden chain 3:56 min. 6.6 MB
Rock of ages 2:56 min. 4.9 MB
Hymn to freedom 3:21 min. 8.1 MB
He will remember me 3:06 min. 7.4 MB
I wish I knew how it would feel to be free 3:38 min. video
Walking with the King 3:19 min. video
Darkness on the delta 3:47 min. video
Last mile of the way 2:51 min. 4.6 MB
A perfect day 2:42 min. 4.3 MB
Royal telephone 3:19 min. 6.1 MB
My life will be sweeter some day 3:57 min. 7.2 MB

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