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The band.

Mathias Gustavsson,
banjo & guitar.

Energetic rocking and swinging accompanist who also like making solos. Specialities caribbean, creole  and other polyrhythms. PhD and researcher at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. See more at Mathias

Felix Collin,
drums & washboard.

Converted hardrock drummer who like to play old jazz with wood block, cowbell and pressed rolls. Powerful and swinging. Has played indiepop at the Hultsfred and Emmaboda Festivals etc. Nowadays with Råskog.
Working as caregiver.

Leif Melldahl,
double bass.

Plays with the whole body and hits his gut strings in a real slap bass manner that gives the music the authentic New Orleans-bounce.
Also featured in The Red Wing Band and Happy Jazz Band. Retired school administrator.

Lasse Collin,

Playing clarinet in a  personal style with much grawl and power, but can also play very sensitive. Like Edmond Hall, Sidney Bechet and Albert Nicholas. Has from and to played jazz in various forms since the mid 1950's. Retired adman.

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