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Meet me tonight in dreamland
Red Wing Ragtime Band at Göteborg Jazzfestival, Jazzhuset August 18, 2000.
Algiers strut
With Brian Carrick at Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich, September 20, 2007.
St. Philip Street breakdown
Ecstatic playing at The 51 Jazz Club of Cornwall 2007
Long distance blues
Photoshow from Göteborg Jazzfestival 2005
I'll fly away
Photoshow from the tour of England 2007
Runnin' wild
Nefertiti 2009
I'm nobody's baby
Nefertiti 2009
"Another gorgeous vocal!" lesterwyoung
Yellow bird
Nefertiti 2009
Laughing samba
Alingsås Jazz Society 2008
Highways are happy ways
Nefertiti 2006
In a shanty in old shanty town
Göteborgs Jazzfestival 2008
5:55 min.
"Superb New Orleans music!" Brian Finigan
Does Jesus care?
Göteborgs Jazzfestival 2008
9:10 min.
St. Louis blues
7:51 min.
"They're the greatest! It's not the Carnegie Hall but who cares?" Supetines
as New Orleans funeral
4:31 min.
Photoshow from Göteborgs Jazzfestival 2008
5:11 min.
"I like your band! Thanks for that very good music..." Alain Meaume
Working for the Lord
5:59 min.
"Nice! God bless you guys." Evkeuklavier
Burgundy street blues
8:40 min.
"Nice one Brian, not a slavish copy of George's but you are paying your dues." Jazzbonick
I wish I knew how it would feel to be free
5:00 min.
"Awesome!! Love it!" johnuesi
Hymn to freedom
5:06 min.
Into each life some
rain must fall

5:10 min.
"Pretty awesome rendering of an Inkspots classic. Love you all and greetings from London town." thecityslicker
Let the four winds blow
2005 4:32 min.
"This is the real stuff - this is New Orleans "neighborhood" music, exactly as I remember it when I first got there. I can almost smell the gumbo and taste the Dixie beer. Is this Sweden or somewhere "Back O' Town"? No kidding - this is what real NO music is like. Keep this going!" Brian Finigan

The same old love
2007 6:12 min.
"This is true jazz! Yeah!" burtwillow
I'm going home to
see my Lord

2:20 min.
"Nice! with the horns." MrKattt

It's nobody's fault
but mine

5:21 min.

Lily of the valley
5:30 min.
"I can't stop playing this. A great version of an old Salvation Army hymn. Thank you for sharing." rhumbarber

His eye is on
the sparrow

6:25 min.
"Kanonsång!" Björn Franzén

Soon and very soon
4:01 min.
"It is very nice to hear this fantastic ladies-choir with my favorites The Red Wing Band and Brian." Paul Zelders

4:28 min.
"Bravo et merci ! Nous jouons maintenant certains morceaux grace à vous!" Alain Meaume

Cradle song
6:18 min.
Jazzwildcard: "Rocking! Whoever that Bach guy is, doesn't he swing!"
TFC2000: "Brahms, 'Cradle' Song."
JazzWildcard: "Oops ... sorry ..."
TFC2000: "Well, who was to know ?"

Say si si
5:33 min.
"Great New Orleans sound. Glad to see that the tradition is still being kept alive. Luv it!!!" Jazzbobill

The same old love
8:17 min.
"One of the best New Orleans Jazz bands of Europe. Eva Karin Andersson I love your vocals so much! Every morning I listen to the band and your vocals on "Say Si Si" and after that I have a perfect day." Paul Zelders

3:53 min.
"Where has this woman been hiding! What a lovely voice!" lesterwyoung

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