The Ecco example.

This book tells the story about the Ecco advertising in Sweden and shows most of the ads we made. When we released it in 1993 we wrote: "We have worked on this book for 16 years. In those years Ecco has sold 15 million pair of shoes here in Sweden and has become one of the most wellknown brands. A good example of what some happy and human advertising can do."

If I get the inspiration I'll also tell you the Ecco advertising story and show some of the ads here in the site. If you can't wait until then, the book we made at Collin Agency contains most of the case. I have a few copies left. The language is Swedish, but there is a lot of ads to look at (haha) and I can give you a good price. If you are interested, just send a mail to
For some pics out of the Ecco annals, click here!

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